January 4, 2019

Accelerating Innovation: What HealthXL Has In Store For 2019

Maeve Lyons
Each year the HealthXL community grows and with it comes greater access to the best leaders and innovators in healthcare. We are helping accelerate the adoption of digital health innovation by providing the leading intelligence platform and services. We’ve learnt what works and what our customers want. This year we will focus on topics, services and meetings that will equip you in your role.

Thought Leadership

Our blogs, reports and insight pieces are written with the digital health community of the future in mind. The team of market analysts source accurate information from multiple sources including our own HealthXL platform for digital health intelligence. Collaborating with our community is a big part of what we do. Our community always weighs in on our blogs and reports so we understand the realities of what is happening on the ground, and bring you most relevant, recent and accurate information. Last year, we collaborated with experts across all of healthcare - pharma, hospitals, payors and more such as Marco Mohwinckel (COMPASS Pathways), Dr Scott Weiner (Brigham and Women’s Hospital), Brenda Schmidt (Solera Health), John Brownstein (Boston Children’s hospital), and Dr Ashish Areja (Mt. Sinai hospital) to name a few.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the areas we will cover in 2019 - how to run a good digital health trial, why pharma want to go to Asia, how health systems work with pharma, voice tech in healthcare, virtual health assistants, M&A activity in digital health, digital therapeutics, etc.

Round-tables and Global Ignite Series

Roundtable discussions and small group sessions have always been an integral part of our larger events (Global Gatherings) with a select group of event attendees taking part and discussing areas and challenges close to home for them.

With this in mind we have decided to give the roundtable sessions an independent space - Global Ignite Series. Granted they will be even more selective and attendance will be based specifically on your profile and the relevance of the topics being discussed, but you can rest assured you have been placed at a table where you are valued and can add value.

We endeavor to to explore new markets and take our customers to the beating center of digital health innovation all over the world. For 2019, we have confirmed Ignite series in China, Boston, Melbourne and Basel.

China will be a first for us and Shanghai is shaping up to be the city of choice. With our customers Abbott and Bayer we want to get under the hood of healthcare in China and pave the way for further partnerships in their progressive market.

Boston will bring old and new friends together, home to many of our members - IBM, Partners Health and Siemens to mention a few. With such experienced organisations available this event will undeniably be well equipped with decision makers and deal closers.

Melbourne is a collaboration with our good friends at CSIRO, MCRI and Bupa. Each time we have headed down under we have been blown away by the innovation and development that exists in Australian healthcare.  

Basel is the pharma hub of Europe and at the forefront of great inventions and processes that set the tone for the worldwide industry. HealthXL hasn’t been here since 2017 so we felt it was time to bring leaders together and showcase what’s new and what the future looks like for them.

We have added some extra services to the Ignite Series in the form of internal messaging. It is a closed group and you can decide how active you want to be, but we encourage you to come with an open mind to share and connect.

Global Gatherings

Taking into account feedback from our customers, the two global gatherings planned for this year will have various elements to keep attendees involved over 1-2 days. Mindful that our community travel distances for these meetings, we want to ensure you make the most of the trip. Through networking receptions, a day long event, round-table discussions, tours of healthcare facilities and introductions to the wider community, we urge attendees to make themselves available to all that’s on offer and take us up on the offer to facilitate introductions in advance of the event.

Thank you for helping us help you accelerate the adoption of digital health innovation in your organisation. We look forward to the exciting year ahead, connecting healthcare professionals and driving collaboration.

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