August 13, 2018

Ageing - Hospital Admissions - Can innovation help reduce admissions?

Julie Carty

One of the key achievements of our time is that that life expectancy has continued to rise. According to the UN, the number of people older than 60 increased from 5% to 9% between 1970 and 2011 and will climb to 20% by 2050.  Our current model of care is coming under increasing pressure to adapt to the needs of our growing ageing population. Current models and systems focus on delivering care to seniors within a hospital setting. This model is becoming increasingly costly and imposes physical limits on the availability of care that can be provided. We need to now look at new innovative models that strive to transfer healthcare delivery for seniors from the primary setting, to their homes.   

Check out some of the companies that are striving to reduce the number of hospital admissions among seniors:

Intelligent Mobility Aids


Isowalk has developed a smart mobility aid. It provides enhanced walking assistance and safety as well gait analysis and communication capabilities.

Fall Protection Aids

Active Protective

A simple fall for a senior can lead to a very serious injury and health complications. Active Protective is developing a wearable airbag that deploys in the event to a fall to protect seniors’ hip bones. 

CareTechnology Systems

CareTechnology Systems are taking one step back and focuses on preventing falls from occurring. Through its monitoring and data analytics software, it has the ability to capture the risk of potential falls and whether it is increasing or decreasing. 

Health Monitors and Sensors


Earlysense have developed contactless monitors and connected algorithms to aid discreet, remote analysis of seniors vitals at home.


QMedic provides a wearable sensor that detects and predicts emergency events that occur in the home. It then sends real-time feedback to caregivers when something unusual occurs. 

Polypharmacy and Medication Management Solutions

Many seniors are dealing with chronic diseases which in turn requires significant quantities of pills and medications needed to treat their symptoms. HomeMeds is one company that is trying to tackle this through enabling more effective communication. Check them out below:


HomeMeds solution screens users medications for potential problems and communicates with physicians about their needs.

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