July 25, 2019

Digital Health on the Road - September Events Focus

Maeve Lyons

Dublin Global Gathering - September 4th 2019

What you can expect

Clinical Trial Optimization

How can we optimize clinical processes by combining data, analytics and technology to help bring new medications to market faster? Who are the front-runners in doing so? Have we seen new molecules, and rising ROI as a result of the optimization?

Speaker highlight

Kuldeep Singh Rajput is the founder and CEO of Biofourmis, a fast-growing global start-up founded in Singapore that is on a mission of augmenting personalized care and therapies with Digital Therapeutics for better management of patients with complex chronic conditions. They discover, develop and deliver clinically-validated software-based therapeutics to provide better outcomes for patients, advanced tools for clinicians to deliver personalized care, and cost-effective solutions for payers. 

Kuldeep will present some learnings from their own experience in R&D running clinical trials for digital solutions. From how they designed the study to how they chose placebos and the right patient cohorts, to tracking, monitoring digital biomarkers and calculating meaningful endpoints - all with some help from our tech friends. 

Digital Therapeutics: What's next?

We have spoken about DTx several times over the last few years. Now that we accept that DTx have a big role to play in patients' lives, in pharma life-cycles and in the practice of medicine as we know it, what is next on the horizon? Are we being reimbursed as patients and providers, are we building new franchises as pharma, are we identifying common ground in the form of guidelines for evidence building and regulation as DTx companies?

Speaker highlight

Dereck Richard, Chief Science Officer at SilverCloud health. Through collaboration partners, SilverCloud are exploring many new avenues of implementation and research using online delivered interventions. With the innovative and highly engaging SilverCloud platform they are breaking new ground in the development and delivery of online psychological interventions. 

Derek will talk about how Silver Cloud Health have worked on evidence generation especially in relation to establishing guidelines with NICE and the NHS, thus setting a precedent for other DTx companies to follow suit. What should DTx companies do to take their product to patients and physicians? 

Also at the event

Ignite Shanghai - September 25th 2019

About the event 

This is a HealthXL event in partnership with JLABS, Frontiers Health, Healthware and Bayer China to explore opportunities in Chinese Healthcare, and learn from the movers and shakers of the local health tech industry. We understand no path to change can be traveled alone which is why HealthXL exists, to connect healthcare leaders on a global scale, to partner, learn and exchange ideas. The event will bring together a small group of the most relevant and knowledgeable individuals in Chinese healthcare

What we want from the event

What you can expect 

Speaker highlight

Dr. Martin Shen is a physician and senior executive with over 20 years of Healthcare experience spanning Clinical Practice, Hospital Management and Healthcare IT. As the co-founder of an innovative healthcare startup, Dr. Shen leads a team of over 200 healthcare and technology professionals who share a passion for changing healthcare, supporting the largest network of Trusted Doctors across China with both an online physician workspace and the largest Specialist & Day Surgery Center network across China. Their goal is to empower Doctors to better manage their patients, their business, their private life, and as a result improve healthcare delivery for patients across China. In August 2018, Trusted Doctors (Xingren) merged with Tencent Doctorwork to form the new venture Tencent Trusted Doctors.

Amy Gu is the Founder and Managing Partner of Hemi Ventures, a VC firm that invests in early-stage companies in emerging technology sectors like AI, biotech, and autonomous vehicles. Amy is a leader in diversifying the male-dominated world of tech entrepreneurship and financing. Prior to founding Hemi, she was the first General Manager of Evernote China, where she grew the user base to 20 million in four years. She also served as a growth advisor to Udacity, Robinhood and a handful of scaling tech companies. 

Also at the event

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