August 9, 2018

HealthXL, HealthBeacon & Cleveland Clinic Launch Research Collaboration


We are happy to announce that two of our partners HealthBeacon and Cleveland Clinic are exploring opportunities to change the way patients manage self injectable medications in the home. The HealthBeacon system helps patients manage self injectable medications in the home. The device is an elegant tool that engages patients who take self injectable medication and improves their compliance to therapy, while practically dealing with their medical waste. The HealthBeacon system is in the advanced prototype stage and is launching into European Markets in the second quarter of 2015. HealthBeacon’s objective with this 12-week project is to gain valuable clinical insights and initiate a working relationship with Cleveland Clinic and to help prepare the product for launch into the USA later in the year. HealthBeacon was introduced to the HealthXL partners and advisors at Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit (October 2014). 

Their proposal aligned closely with the HealthXL Moonshots* in the areas of Connected Health and Behaviour Change. “We are excited to guide the commercialization pathway of HealthBeacon as they develop this platform technology which brings patient education and medication compliance together in the home setting” says Gary Fingerhut, Executive Director at Cleveland Clinic Innovations. “We are thrilled to work with such a prestigious institution as Cleveland Clinic. This collaboration allows us to scale our operations globally very quickly and reach out to many more patients to help them manage their medications in the home. HealthXL has been the catalyser that invigorated the development of this exciting opportunity.” says Kieran Daly Co-Founder at HealthBeacon. “New collaborations are needed to drive innovation in healthcare that can scale globally. And that’s our mission -- to catalyse collaboration between leading brands in healthcare and the most exciting tech companies to improve the lives of millions of people” said Martin Kelly, CEO and Cofounder of HealthXL. Together with our partners we are constantly exploring similar opportunities in healthcare to work with high growth companies, increasing the speed at which existing digital health technologies can begin to have a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

HealthXL Moonshots

Definition of HealthXL Moonshot: an ambitious endeavor where it is clear WHAT the desired outcome in healthcare is, but not clear HOW it will be achieved. The HealthXL Moonshot on Connected Health is “To Be Able to Monitor the Health of Every Patient from Birth to Death: Anytime, in Any Location”, while the one on Behavior Change is “To Have Millions of Hearts Beating Younger, Stronger and Longer through Increased Patient Engagement.” To achieve those Moonshots in the long run, now we’ve start with specific challenges:

Then we search for innovators in digital health that can work with us and our partners to solve those challenges. We help them find each other, create business partnerships and facilitate their relationship through collaboration. Our partners: Bupa, Cleveland Clinic, Becton Dickinson, IBM, ICON, ResMed, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Linde Healthcare, Novartis, Partners Healthcare, Silicon Valley Bank, EY, SoftServe, Hermitage Medical Clinic, SoftLayer. PharmaVoice just featured HealthXL in Top Innovation Companies to Watch for in Healthcare in 2015.