December 21, 2018

What 2018 Looked Like at HealthXL [video]

Maeve Lyons

We had a great year. We expanded our team, our locations, our offerings and our community base. These positive steps were as a result of listening, learning and taking the time to nurture our business. They took shape in our events throughout the world, expert driven reports, webinars and regular interaction with the digital health community through social channels and networking.

This 1 minute video sums up our year

Community Collaboration

As well as hosting and creating our own events and content we also collaborated with our members and friends in the digital health community. Most notably was at partner events and Frontiers Health in Berlin had to be one our favorites. With input from Healthware, Bayer G4A and many, many more there was no shortage of industry leaders sharing the most progressive ideas to drive innovation in healthcare. HealthXL ran a session on 'Nurturing early stage companies to accelerate transformative innovation' and invited members of our community to join the panel. Martin Kelly was interviewed by Jessica Damassa, where he gave a great update on what HealthXL have been contributing to our customers and insights into future services we are designing with our customers in mind.

Watch the video below

Our favorites picks

Recap of our events, access our reports and webinar report have all been published throughout the year - check out everything below.

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Stay tuned as 2019 is set to be great one!