August 9, 2018

International panel of digital health experts in London

Martin Kelly

London is to pioneer the development, application and scale up of digital health innovation globally

HealthXL, a consortium of 22 global healthcare firms, hosted an international retreat of digital health experts in London to focus on improving the adoption of digital technologies in healthcare globally. Over the 2 days, the attendees reviewed specific healthcare challenges in areas including aged care, chronic disease management, and medication adherence. Using a framework developed by the healthcare innovation team at Imperial College's Institute of Global Health Innovation, led by Greg Parston (Executive Advisor to the Director), the group assessed the opportunity for digital technology to improve the quality of care and expand access while containing costs. Participants in the discussion: The attendees including 50 international senior executives including world renowned experts, including keynotes from:

Focus areas of the discussion: The group examined a number of digital health opportunities in terms of their ability to drive significant healthcare change. The panel assessed the key factors to scalability in the following areas: