July 5, 2019

News You Need - 3 Big Little Things from HealthXL - July 2019

Chandana Fitzgerald

We have collected and reviewed the three most noteworthy news stories in digital health from July and explained their relevance below. What they mean for the industry, and why you should know about them. You also have an opportunity to reach out to me if you wish to connect with our friends from the industry who know the ins and outs so you can quite literally ‘get behind the headlines’. 

1: United Health Acquires Patients Like Me

Story snapshot:

PatientsLikeMe is a patient network, helps people find new options for treatments, connect with others, and take action to improve their outcomes. They recently came under the grill owing to their large Tencent led Chinese investment. But before that could really swell into something large, United Health Group have swooped in to acquire Patients Like Me. 

Why it’s notable? Opportunism is the name of the game 

What can we learn? Everybody wants data, but let’s not forget the patient’s right 

2: IQVIA and EMIS Health: Getting Digital Assets into the hands of Physicians and Patients

Story snapshot:

EMIS Health is a Leeds-based primary care software provider, and this partnership with IQVIAs Appscript will help EMIS populate their app library with the most validated and relevant digital tools to prescribe to patients. 

Why it’s notable? Finally thinking beyond point solutions

What can we learn - A few steps closer to wider adoption

3: Blue Shield of California teams up with Solera to Ditch ‘Zombie’ Workplace Wellness Programs

Story snapshot:

This week Blue Shield of California they were divorcing themselves from what Bryce Williams, Vice President of Lifestyle Medicine, describes as ‘zombie’ wellness programs in favor of new homegrown initiative dubbed Wellvolution with the help of Solera Health. Varied evidence behind other workplace wellness interventions, increased premiums when goals are left unmet and pressure on consumers have led Blue Shield to revisit their role in motivating behavior change of their members with an increased focus on scientific evidence and personalized support. Blue Shield have selected around 70 apps specialising in smoking cessation, sleep and chronic disease prevention. 

Why it’s notable? Too Many ‘Wellness’ Initiatives 

What can we learn? Evidence-based will make it stick. 

The news stories in this blog were captured using the HealthXL Data Platform, which aims to be your one source of truth in digital health. We are excited to announce that we officially released the platform this month. If you would like to learn more about how to get access to the platform, contact me at chandana@healthxl.com

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