November 29, 2019

News You Need - 3 Big Little Things from HealthXL - December 2019

Chandana Fitzgerald

We have collected and reviewed the three most noteworthy news stories in digital health from last month and explained their relevance below. What they mean for the industry, and why you should know about them. You also have an opportunity to reach out to me if you wish to connect with our friends from the industry who know the ins and outs so you can quite literally ‘get behind the headlines’. 

1: Biofourmis announce acquisition of Biovotion and partnership with Novartis.

Story snapshot: This month, Biofourmis announced the acquisition of Biovotion. The acquisition includes all of Biovotion's assets, including the Everion biosensor and 60+ global patents, covering most of the wearable and sensor technology that exists for the arm or hand, as well as Biovotion's staff, partners, and clients. On top of this, Biofourmis have just announced a partnership with Novartis on the use of a predictive analytics platform (BiovitalsHF) in combination with the Everion sensor to monitor heart failure patients.

Why is it notable?

Industry Implications:

2: Google just bought Fitbit.

Story snapshot: I am sure you heard - Google has bought Fitbit for a whopping $2.1 billion. We debated writing about it this week because the healthcare implications are not that obvious yet. But then again, this is Google, and the healthcare participation will certainly follow. So, here goes.

Why is it notable?  


Industry Implications:

3: Pear Therapeutics has a new pharma partnership with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.

Story snapshot: Pear Therapeutics has entered a partnership with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals to bring to market prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) for gastrointestinal (GI)indications.

Why is it notable?

Industry Implications:

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