August 28, 2019

News You Need - 3 Big Little Things from HealthXL - September 2019

Chandana Fitzgerald

This is your monthly digest of three noteworthy news stories in digital health from the past month - what they mean for the industry, and why you should know about them. You also have an opportunity to reach out to me if you wish to connect with our friends from the industry who know the ins and outs so you can quite literally ‘get behind the headlines’. 

1: AliveCor has dropped Kardiaband Apple Watch Accessory

Snapshot of the story:

The KardiaBand by AliveCor was an FDA approved ECG/EKG wristband designed for use with earlier versions of the Apple Watch, augmenting the watch's health offerings before Apple Watch 4 launched with its own ECG. AliveCor have now withdrawn their Kardiaband from the market, and this will no longer be available with the Apple watch. 

Why it is notable - Divorcing Big Tech

Industry Implications - Choose Partnerships Wisely 

2: Apple, Eli Lilly and Evidation Health partner for neuro digital biomarkers

Snapshot of the story: 

Initial results from a feasibility study conducted by Eli Lilly and Company, Evidation Health, and Apple Inc. showed that an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and the Beddit sleep monitoring device, in combination with digital apps, may be able to differentiate people with mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer's disease dementia.The paper was presented on August 8 at the Association for Computing Machinery's KDD conference in Anchorage.

Why it is notable - The potential of common consumer devices

Industry Implications - Novel input, novel processing, novel metrics

3: Prudential and MyDoc to launch telemedicine services in Asia

Snapshot of the Story: 

Prudential life insurance has partnered with video consultation provider MyDoc to power their app 'Pulse' with video consult capabilities with doctors in 11 Asian countries.

Why it's notable - Insurance companies partnering for success

Industry Implications -  The Telemed Renaissance 

The news stories in this email were captured using the HealthXL Data Platform, which aims to be your one source of truth in digital health. We are excited to announce that we officially releasing the platform this month. If you would like to learn more about how to get access to the platform, please contact us.

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