April 26, 2019

Podcast #1: The Dos and Don'ts of Digital Health Partnerships

Maeve Lyons

How Otsuka is pioneering new partnerships in digital health, with case studies from Proteus Digital Health and Click Therapeutics.

On the first episode of the HealthXL podcast, Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer and Martin Kelly, CEO and co-founder at HealthXL chat with Bill Zeruld Director, Alliance Management for Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. Bill speaks of his journey from a child growing up in Philly to his pharma days with Otsuka. He addresses, through the examples of Proteus Digital Health and Click Therapeutics, how he views partnerships in Digital Health and what the dos and donts are.

On March 14th 2019 Otsuka and Proteus took the stage at the HealthXL Global Gathering in New York and spoke about their 6 year partnership coined - 'Digital Medicines - A Pharma & Digital Collaboration'. Two complementary companies came together to co-develop the Digital Medicine system Abilify MyCite which received FDA approval in 2017. They outlined how they combined their expertise to overcome challenges and spoke candidly about the major learnings over the years. See the event report HERE

Bill Zeruld is a digital health strategist and Digital Business Development with Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., where he has led over $100M in corporate equity and collaboration agreement investments in digital health companies.  Prior to joining Otsuka, Mr. Zeruld held strategy, development and operations leadership positions in the following sectors: health systems; payers; digital health companies; and consulting organizations. Mr. Zeruld serves on the leadership team of Philadelphia Health IT Circle and is a Senior Fellow of NJ Health Care Quality Institute. He earned his MBA from The Wharton School and received his B.A. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Episode #1 Bill Zeruld

Today's Topics


About the hosts

Chandana Fitzgerald is the Chief Medical Officer at HealthXL. She practised as a physician in her former life (in her own words), and since the time 'digital health' serendipitously happened to her, there has been no looking back. She has engaged extensively in leadership positions in the digital health space, rooted from her time at the medical education platform, Daily Rounds, in her native India. As a medical doctor, she was drawn to the innovative tech and business world when she realized how interesting and useful the marriage of all three could be for us.

Martin Kelly founded HealthXL in 2014 as a spin out initiative of IBM Ventures. Through his time working with investors and innovators it became clear that we are not making progress as the industry is both silo'd and fragmented. His idea was simple - connect as many organisations, people and innovations as possible and help them partner and collaborate.

The place to go for digital health  

HealthXL started life as an accelerator and subsequently pivoted to fill the market need for a facilitator for real collaboration between key stakeholders in digital health. HealthXL brings together healthcare innovators from Pharma, Providers, Payors and Start-ups to collaborate around new opportunities in healthcare for all. Our podcast aims to take a closer look at these innovators and leaders and find out what drives them, how they got started and learn of their successes and challenges.

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