June 26, 2019

Podcast #3: The Digital Therapeutics Challenge: How do we work it?

Maeve Lyons

In this podcast, Megan talks about her childhood and growing up years in Milwaukee that led her to becoming a pharmacist, and she just knew that this wasn't her gig from the get go. After a stint with Voluntis in France that she very much enjoyed, Megan branched off to start the DTA to help do the right thing as we venture into a new category of medicines. She feels strongly about everybody in the industry coming together towards achieving this greater goal and educating one another on the digital therapeutics opportunity. When Megan walked into the room for this recording, the HealthXL gang were pretty surprised as she is so young (guess we're getting old!) for someone who has taken these big, bold steps.

Episode #3 Megan Coder

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Key takeaways

An ideal world would see cohesion across regulatory agencies and the way they regulate their products, from the US to UK to worldwide

About Megan: She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA). The DTA has really taken off in the last few years as the cohort of industry leaders and stakeholders engaged in the evidence-driven advancement of digital therapeutics. DTA exists to broaden the understanding, adoption, and integration of clinically-validated digital therapeutics into healthcare through education, advocacy, and research.