August 9, 2018

The impact of consumerization on healthcare


HealthXL brought together 30 senior healthcare executives, designers, entrepreneurs and investors to analyse as a group the Impact of Consumerization on their organisations during a 2-day strategic executive HealthXL Retreat in San Francisco, November 5th-6th. The HealthXL Retreat in San Francisco, hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, was our last event for 2015. Earlier this year we ran a HealthXL Global Gathering in Dublin (video), followed by gatherings in Boston and Munich, as well as the HealthXL Weekends in Melbourne "Hack Aging" and in Cleveland "Solve Sleep". As HealthXL is a global digital health community of thought leaders and entrepreneurs, we’ve always aimed to deliver top class global events that are also personal, collaborative, actionable, and fun. For the two days of the HealthXL Retreat we had set 3 objectives:

Objective #1: Build relationships with 30 participants

The outcome: the HealthXL Retreat in San Francisco combined 3 strategic executive deep dive sessions with a dinner in Napa valley. That created unlimited new opportunities for the participants -- a trusting environment where they were comfortable to share their challenges and ideate to come up as a group with ideas for collaborative projects.

To inspire the group, we brought some of the most fascinating investors, entrepreneurs and designers as keynote speakers:

Objective #2: Elicit insights from 7 perspectives

The outcome: The deep dive sessions allowed the participants to explore the challenges and opportunities of key stakeholders such as the payors, providers, pharma, devices, and consumer through deep dive sessions. These were Abbott, Biogen, Highmark Health, Johnson & Johnson, ResMed, Roche, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Objective #3: Generate ideas for collaborations that the HealthXL community is excited about

The outcome: As the key stakeholders presented what the impact of Consumerization was on their organisation, the group generated dozens of ideas for collaborations that could help them tackle some of those challenges. The ideas were presented by:

What’s next

At the moment the HealthXL team is focused on the shortlisted ideas for collaborative challenges (selected by a collective vote). We are analysing each of them and we will come back to the group with a report to move forward with it as a HealthXL Challenge

Are you a HealthXL Member? See the Full Report Here

Non-HealthXL Member? You can purchase the report HERE

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