August 10, 2018

Top 3 Stories in Digital Health - Uber vs Lyft

Martin Kelly

The Top Three areas this week focus on Connected Health, Patient Engagement and Remote Monitoring in Digital Health.

Connected Health

Uber and Lyft are tapping into the digital health market here - Uber partnered with startup Circulation to launch a digital transportation technology platform -Lyft partnered with CareMore Health Plan, a subsidiary of Anthem for a pilot that featured in JAMA3.6 million Americans miss or delay care because they lack transportation to their medical appointments, Medicaid spends about $3 billion a year on transportation Do you think there is a market for Lyft and Uber in healthcare? 

Patient Engagement

Sharecare acquires Biolucid, a virtual reality patient education company here BioLucid's technology gives virtual tours of the body to educate patients. It will be incorporated into Sharecare's comprehensive patient engagement engine and marks its 11th acquisition. Sharecare's vision is to be the only health app on your phone.Competitors include ZocDoc & WebMD

Remote Monitoring

Microsoft gives up on its fitness band tracker here. The company has removed the Band 2 device from its online store, taken down the Band SDK, and has no plans for a next generation device. -This news strengthens the case for the decline of the fitness band trackers -  Bodymedia Core, the Nike FuelBand, and the Basis Band all have graves in the fitness tracker cemetery. Is the end near for Fitness Trackers?