HealthXL Global Gathering Barcelona

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
26th May 2022
DFactory Barcelona, Calle 27, 10-16, Sector BZ, 08040 Barcelona, Spain
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 The Future of DTx in Europe

As Digital Therapeutics (DTx) play an increasing role in patient care, our healthcare systems are evolving. In May, we will bring together stakeholders from across tech and healthcare to look at how to shape this transformation in Europe. 

At HealthXL’s next Global Gathering in Barcelona, startups, pharma, and investors will break down the opportunity and limitations of the digital transformation of healthcare systems in Europe.

Initially, we will set the scene with an examination of the current situation in Europe, as models such as German’s Digital Health Applications (DiGA) regulatory regime herald a change in how we look at the interaction between digital transformation and healthcare. 

Then, we will split up into several roundtables, with each tackling one of the following topics: 

Topic 1 - What can we learn from DiGA: As numerous therapeutics have experienced the DiGA route to market, we will break down what is working with the model and its limitations, We must look at how we can harness what we have learned from the DiGA rollout and examine can we learn to take forward to other jurisdictions to create something that satisfies all stakeholders - from regulators to startups, to pharma. 

Topic 2 - What next for the patient experience in virtual and brick and mortar settings: While DiGA is giving companies a route to market, getting products out in the wild and bringing patients onboard remains a major challenge. How can we better understand the patient experience to deliver a more seamless clinician and patient experience across virtual care and in person care? 

Join us on 26th May 2022 to be part of a community of the brightest minds leading innovation in digital health.

Exclusive Event Opportunities:

  • Peer to peer engagement 
  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Be part of a private intimate event with 
  • no recordings and no broadcast 
  • Be where digital health happens 

HealthXL events comply with local and international recommendations and require all attendees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and be able to provide proof of the same when required.

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Apply to Attend

In good company

Francesca Wuttke
CEO and Founder, nen Health
César Velasco
Head of Innovation, Novartis
Lina Behrens
Managing Director, Flying Health
Alexander Klein
Group Leader Digital Health, Roche
Anish Shindore
Founder & Managing Partner, GSD Health
Gabriele Tundo
Partner, Plexus Ventures
Ary Deleray
Personalized & Digital Health Strategy at Roche
Stephen Dunne
Chief Digital Therapeutics Officer (CDTxO) at Alpha
Aahuti Rai
Strategic Advisor, Healthcare Innovation at Four Points Consulting Ltd
Hannes Klöpper
CEO, HelloBetter
Jessica Shull
Head of Digital Therapeutics at Vicore Pharma AB
Ekaterina Ser
Director, Global Partnerships & Innovation at MSD
Gandolf Finke
Founder & MD at Mika/Fosanis GmbH
Jochen Hurlebaus
Head of Innovation & IP, Roche Diagnostics
Tim Jurgens
Co-Founder & General Manager en SeedLink SL
Arthur Bretonnet, MBA
Global digital innovation immunology at UCB
Thomas Sutton
Global Head of Design, Digital Health R&D at AstraZeneca
Louise O Mahony
Head of Healthcare Partnerships at EXi
Xenia Riasol Cercos
Chief Operating Officer, Nen.Health
Steve Suentjens
Partner, Personal Health Solutions (PHS)
Jordi Lopez Almendros
Digital Business Partner, Chiesi
Céline Ulmann
Head of R&D Digital, Almirall
Silja Chouquet
Strategic Partnerships at merakoi
Thorsten Rall
Global Head Digital Transformation & Innovation, SVP at Novartis
Christian Hein
Global Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation Execution, VP at Novartis
Florian Koerber
Senior Manager Startup Relations at Flying Health
Marcus Bates
Director - External Partners, Connected Devices/ Digital Medicine at Aptar Pharma
Vivian Emmely de Ruijter
Associate, Intuitive Ventures, Intuitive Surgical
Michael Pace
CEO & Founder at
Shwen Gwee
Former VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb
John Gordon
Digital Innovation Lab Lead - International Markets at Pfizer
Ciara Clancy
Founder & CEO, Beats Medical Ltd
Aline Noizet
Digital Health Connector
Brian Flatley
VP Consulting Services at S3 Connected Health
Ivan Jurisic
Business Analyst for Digital Therapeutics at Roche
Ricardo C. Berrios
Executive Founder, Adhera Health Inc
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