HealthXL Insider - Barcelona

10th November 2022
Barcelona, Spain
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At HealthXL, we are delighted to bring you a NEW style of in-person events. While our virtual meetings offer you the convenience to connect with leading minds across the globe, Insider events offer a unique opportunity to share and discuss with members in your city, and build connections.

Topic: Who is the best partner for digital health companies?: Pharma, MedTech, Big Tech, or others?

  • What opportunities are Pharma, MedTech, and Big Tech capitalizing on? What
  • opportunities have yet to be realized?
  • Long-term, who is the partner that will help digital health companies achieve the expected revenues?
  • What are the considerations to determine who my best partner is?

Why you should join:

  • We’ll match you to HealthXL members from your city
  • Intimate roundtable setting
  • Local, no need to jet set
  • It’ll only be an hour - a dinner or lunch with excellent conversation

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Apply to Attend

In good company

Francesca Wuttke
CEO and Founder, nen Health
Eugene Borukhovich
COO & Co-Founder of YourCoach.Health
Raquel Torres
Global Digital Health Solutions Director, Novartis
Raquel Navarro
Insights Manager, Roche Diabetes Care
Stephen Dunne
Chief Digital Therapeutics Officer (CDTxO) at Alpha
Anabel Leon
Digital Lead Pharma Spain at Bayer
Clara Cuervo
Transformation and BIOME Manager, Novartis
Jorge Juan Fernández García
Director of Innovation, EIT Health
Cristina Conesa
Digital Health & Innovation Manager, Opinno
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