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Unlocking the Value of Digital Measures in Drug Development

By embracing digital measures, pharma can accelerate drug development, improve patient outcomes. Pharma can and will continue to compete on assets, but should not compete on (digital) endpoints. We require industry collaborations in order to usher in a new era of medicine.

Digital measures have the potential to revolutionise drug development. However, pharma has been slow to fully utilise these measures due to their high costs and lack of standardised applications across therapeutic areas. 

This report presents an expert-led analysis of the state of digital measures in drug development. More specifically, the report delves into:

  • Defining digital measures and the need for standardisation
  • Benefits and challenges of digital measures in drug development
  • Current and future adoption of digital measures in drug development 
  • How pharmaceutical companies can drive the adoption of digital measures  

Download the report to learn what our HealthXL community experts believe is in store for the future of digital measures in drug development and how best to prepare for it. 

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