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HealthXL is the intelligence platform and community for digital health

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Working with global leaders across the sector

What our customers say

"Personally a fun and honest conversation."

Timothy Aungst

Timothy Aungst

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice MCPHS University The Digital Apothecary

"Super energetic, right minded people, learnt a lot"

Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah

CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

"The participants were senior enough to speak to the realities of how leadership thinks. They also were very open and transparent."

Bruce Ettinger

Bruce Ettinger

CEO at FrameHealth

"Open dialogue with experts, great to hear from different stakeholders"

James Allocco

James Allocco

Chief Technology Officer at PRA Health Sciences

"The size of the group and structure that breaks the ice then supports open engagement is terrific. Great content."

Terry J Wood

Terry J Wood

Vice President, Real Estate, Kaiser Permanente

How we help our customers


Our customized briefing reports address various topics in digital health and health technology for our customers. Evidence review, market mapping, business model analysis, competitive intelligence and regulatory milieu are some of the many themes we explore. A HealthXL briefing is delivered by a seasoned Digital Health Analyst, with data from the intelligence platform and enriched with insights from key influencers in healthcare.  We develop a deep understanding of our customers needs and styles, so we can deliver what is needed to help them to be successful in their jobs.

Intelligence Platform 

Our intelligence platform is purpose built for executives trying to drive the adoption of digital health. We help them build landscapes and dealflows to educate their colleagues and differentiate solutions based on funding, commercial partnerships, published evidence and regulatory approvals because we know this is what matters in healthcare. We make it easy for them to find the data and expertise they need and collaborate with colleagues to achieve their final innovation objective.


Our invitation only international meetings bring together expert representatives from payor, provider, pharmaceutical, and technology organizations who deeply care about the promise of digital health and want to share their stories, ideas, successes and learnings. 

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What makes HealthXL different

Healthcare only

We understand healthcare and our data and services are enriched with healthcare specific information to help you make decisions for this industry.

Expert led content

Insight from experts, thought leaders and influencers in healthcare is always an integral part of our work. We also connect our members to the right expertise to drive their digital strategy.

Specialised team

Our team is made up of clinicians and scientists that truly understand the space enriching your interpretation of the best opportunities for your business.

Unbiased viewpoint

We are independent, and agnostic. Any recommendations for you and your business is coming from an informed, neutral place.

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