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Kindred Healthcare
Boston Children's Hospital
Siemens Healthineers
Imperial College Health Partners
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Bill Taranto, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
William Taranto
Sarah Iselin, Guidewell
Sarah Iselin
Alexander Gruenwald, Johnson & Johnson
Alexander Grunewald
Lisa Suennen, GE Ventures
Lisa Suennen
Matthias Essenpreis, Roche
Matthias Essenpreis

Partners that trust us

Too Much Data, Too Little Insight

Healthcare is complex. Understanding the Digital Health Landscape can be even more so. It is hard to get behind the hype to understand what is real.


“I use lots of different data sources/silos to identify what is going on in the health technology space.
I need to be able to get a complete view I can trust”


“We have so many teams that may touch on digital health and medtech innovation. It is impossible to know whether others in my organisation have assessed the same companies and research”


“Not being able to categorise solutions leads to all sorts of confusion as we try to profile digital health companies and partners"


Healthcare is complex. Our own analysts were spending too much time working with myriad data sources to fulfil our briefing reports for our clients. So we decided to do something about it with our Healthcare Intelligence Platform

beyond the Basics

We take typical intelligence sources such as investment data and general details and map them to our database of 70,000+ healthcare organizations


We build on this data set to add in healthcare-relevant data sources including research data, regulatory data, reimbursement data, partnership data and in-depth clinical categorizations.


We continuously enrich this data with our automated infrastructure making sure that the information is always up to date.We work with clients to understand what data is important to them

The Platform

We deliver this data in an intuitive platform with the ability to filter and segment with unparalleled precision that can only be obtained within a healthcare specific

What makes HealthXL different?

Healthcare information doubles every 80 days.
We built this platform to stay informed and connected.

Only Healthcare 

Our focus is exclusively on healthcare.
We understand the challenges of making sense of a tsunami of healthcare data.

Join the Dots

We apply categorization based on clinical and technology taxonomies to provide an integrated view of the market.

Data you can trust

We know the challenges of getting behind the hype to understand what is important for your business. Our technology platform aggregates hundreds of validated data sources into one cohesive picture

International Coverage

While healthcare delivery is local, we believe innovation can come from anywhere - we provide a global view of the opportunities.

If these are challenges you experience within your organization, we can help. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Move your strategy forward with HealthXL

Beyond our data platform, we deliver a range of insights, introductions and inspiring events for our clients, focussed on the expanding universe of Digital Health.

HealthXL Events


Invite Only Events

HealthXL has always believed that “getting the right people together” is the only way to drive Digital Health collaboration. Since 2014, we have delivered over 25 boutique events with those leaders who are driving change and the coolest healthcare startups in the world.

See more at our events page

HealthXL Events


Private Briefings

Working with clients on areas of strategic importance, we identify the right questions to ask and our analysts do the research and create a briefing report for clients that are used to determine how the organisation moves forward.

HealthXL Events


Expert Engagement

We provide access to a community of advisors and KOL’s to give independent assessment of companies, technologies or clinical studies in a way which enables organisations to validate its hunches.

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