Global Gatherings

HealthXL Global Gatherings showcase innovation by bringing together people with ideas, resources and desire to contribute to the evolution of healthcare.

Designed  to promote valuable dialogue with peers, to connect small groups of senior executives and international leaders to explore partnerships and build long lasting relationships.

We handpick innovators from around the world including providers, patients, payors, pharma, and investors to collaborate on key focus areas.

Global Gathering Lake Nona

Global Gathering Lake Nona

November 20th 2019
Lake Nona, Florida

Partner event with GuideWell

Exploring Digital Health with GuideWell Innovation

  • Next gen payers & value based care
  • How do we address social aspects of health today
  • How is tech being using to manage chronic conditions and reduce costs?
Global Gathering Barcelona

Global Gathering Barcelona

February 21st 2020
Barcelona, Spain

Partner event with Almirall

Barcelona & Digital Therapeutics

  • Voice enabled digital therapeutics
  • Corporate innovation in Barcelona
  • The future of dermatology  

Global Ignite Series

Roundtable discussions with our partners and members objectives at the forefront. These can be requested or proposed by a HealthXL member in a city of their choice.

New events will be added soon

Past Events Reports

We have hosted invite only meetings with our members in London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Pittsburgh and San Francisco and more over the past few years.. Each meeting focused on strategic topics where we invited attendees  based on their knowledge and expertise. We handpick speakers to engage with a bespoke audience of payors, providers, investors, industry experts and entrepreneurs. Our events are designed to attract the best in the industry, offering them an opportunity to collaborate and build connections that lead to great minds making great decisions.

Click through to see the overview of each event.

About Our Events

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