About Us

Launched in 2014 in Dublin, our mission is to help deliver a new vision for healthcare in the digital age. 

Our community comprises of leaders and innovators from healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device organisations including clinicians, investors, researchers and entrepreneurs.

We bring together the people, thinking and technology needed to  address complex healthcare challenges. Offering industry research and evidence-based insights based on our data platform. Our members are able to directly access the intelligence and expertise needed to capture the digital opportunity. As our engagement with our clients has developed, the more we have begun to focus on broader healthcare innovation - leading to our latest chapter with the release of our data intelligence platform in Q4 2018

Check out this recent interview with Jessica Damassa at Fronteirs Health, it explains alot about what we do and what we plan to do.


HealthXL Team

Martin Kelly
CEO & Co-founder
Tom Parsons
CPO & Co-founder
Julie Carty
Chief Operations Officer
Chandana Fitzgerald
Chief Medical Officer
David Cardoso
Chief Technology Officer
Sophie Madden
Senior Digital Health Associate
Maria João Fialho
Data Engineer
Nádia Valls
Senior Automation QA
Enoque Moisés
Senior Frontend Engineer
Fernando Ventura
Junior QA
Marta Lopes
Product Analyst
Filipe Monteiro
Senior Engineer
Rui Gaspar
Senior Engineer
Niall Larkin
Head of Product
Joao Mendes
Software Engineer
Ronan McGuire
Software Engineer
Jorge Nunes
Software Engineer
Maeve Lyons
Head of Communications & Events
Hanna Phelan
Senior Digital Health Associate
Andrew Murphy
Commercial Director
Jim Joyce
Connor Hanley, PhD

Advisory Board

Axel Heitmueller PhD
Managing Director
Imperial College Health Partners
Matthias Essenpreis
Roche Diagnostics
Lisa Suennen
Group Leader, Digital & Technology Group & Lead
Manatt Ventures
William Taranto
Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
Chris Coburn
Vice President - Innovation
Partners HeatlhCare
Sarah Iselin
SVP Chief Strategy Officer
Guidewell-Florida Blue
Sean Hogan
General Manager - Healthcare and LifeSciences