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Our Story

The HealthXL story starts with a simple idea; that healthcare could be fundamentally improved by using information and  technology in new ways. Other industries have been transformed by digital change why not healthcare?

We started our journey by bringing together passionate innovators with investors and industry leaders to understand why healthcare was different.   As we engaged these groups it became clear we had a major challenge of misalignment and misunderstanding. We found huge gaps between what consumers needed and what providers, payors, industry were building. 

Stepping back, it became clear that the explosion of data and technology had in fact led to information overload and widespread confusion about who and what to trust.  We cannot make good decisions on how to adopt new technologies without reliable data, evidence and insights.

Our moment of clarity occurred in Melbourne, Australia.  In a conversation Kwang Lim, a practicing geriatrician we stumbled on a simple but killer idea:

What if we could create.....A global community of experts. An active community using a common dataset to share intelligence based on common commercial interests. A community who work together to meet the needs of not just the patient but all the stakeholders.  In short a community intelligence platform for healthcare and digital health

Since this moment our journey has focused on bringing  the data and people together to create a collective intelligence at scale.

Our vision is to become the one true source for intelligence on digital health.

We set out to build this vision in partnership with our clients including Abbott, Bayer, Bupa, BMS, Guidewell, IBM, ICHP, Merck, Partners Healthcare, Pifzer, Novartis, Roche and other key stakeholders, whom we have been working with since 2014

Working in tandem with them, we started to build a platform for decision makers  to aggregate millions of data-points with insight and experience to capture the full commercial potential of digital health.

Advisory Board

Francesca Wuttke
Chief Digital Officer
Robert Garber
7Wire Ventures
Tamara StClaire
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Axel Heitmueller PhD
Managing Director
Imperial College Health Partners
Matthias Essenpreis
Roche Diagnostics
William Taranto
Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
Chris Coburn
Vice President - Innovation
Partners HeatlhCare
Sean Hogan
General Manager - Healthcare and LifeSciences

HealthXL Team

Martin Kelly
CEO & Co-founder
Tom Parsons
CPO & Co-founder
Julie Carty
Chief Commercial Officer
Chandana Fitzgerald
Chief Medical Officer
David Cardoso
Chief Technology Officer
Maeve Lyons
Head of Communications & Events
Hanna Phelan
Senior Digital Health Associate
Sophie Madden
Senior Digital Health Associate
Marta Lopes
Product Analyst
Ciara Fitzgerald
Sales Development Specialist
Niall Larkin
Head of Product
Maria João Fialho
Data Engineer
Nádia Valls
Senior Automation QA
Enoque Moisés
Senior Frontend Engineer
Filipe Monteiro
Senior Engineer
Rui Gaspar
Senior Engineer
Sabrina Mendes
Data Analyst
Joao Mendes
Software Engineer
Jorge Nunes
Software Engineer
Andrew Murphy
Commercial Director
Jim Joyce
Connor Hanley, PhD
Lisa Suennen