August 13, 2018

MCRI are joining the HealthXL Community

Martin Kelly

HealthXL are delighted to welcome the digital health innovators at MCRI in becoming a member of the HealthXL global digital health community. MCRI are looking forward to collaborating with other organisations in striving to overcome the challenges in health and healthcare. We reached out to MCRI for a short introduction into who they are, and what they are currently doing so we could provide a better introduction.  See below for a snapshot into MCRI.


Murdoch Children's Research Institute Logo

The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute undertakes research into infant, child and adolescent health.  As the largest child health research institute in Australia, our 1900 researchers are working hard to translate the knowledge we create from our research into effective prevention, early intervention and treatments for children.  We strive for a healthier community, fewer sick kids visiting hospitals, and the best possible care for children who unfortunately become ill. The Murdoch Childrens has a proud history of scientific discovery since its inception in 1986, and is currently based at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville, Melbourne. One of our aims is to ‘vaccinate’ against the epidemic of disorders that are becoming increasingly common – allergy, obesity, cancer, learning problems, depression and anxiety. Our goal is prevention and early intervention – rather than waiting for the disease to occur and then trying to treat it. We are pushing the boundaries by bringing health and medicine to the digital age. We want to transform how we approach health care. MCRI – fast facts

Unique Model for Digital Health Product Innovation at MCRI With the increasing availability of healthtech products to consumer, the need for these products to be supported by scientific evidence, has never been more important. MCRI established the Bytes4Health program to address this. The program provides an opportunity to exciting health technology companies developing innovative products, to access health and medical research expertise at MCRI and the Royal Children’s Hospital. The concept for the Bytes4Health program arose out of a model established at MCRI where software development and digital health company, Curve Tomorrow, has been embedded within the institute, bringing together cutting edge medical research with cutting edge technology innovation. The real strength of this model lies in having designers, engineers and technology experts working side by side with health professionals and medical researchers on the frontlines of healthcare.

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