August 13, 2018

Pharmacies in the Age of Amazon

Tom Parsons

We have recently launched a new service to equip our industry partners with the perspectives of key stakeholders so they can make more informed decisions about a problem area of strategic importance to their organisation.

To launch this new Task Force service, we brought together a multi-stakeholder group of experts who commented on key questions relating to the disruptive possibilities of virtual pharmacies on traditional retail pharmacies as well as other areas within the healthcare ecosystem.

Multi-stakeholder group of experts

Key Takeaways

We wanted to share some key takeaways from this Task Force, as well as some follow up questions and reflections provided by our industry partners after viewing the summary report of the Task Force.

Q1. What industries/stakeholders do you believe will change or will be disrupted by virtual pharmacies and how?

Q2: What are the positive and/or negative ways you believe virtual pharmacies will impact consumers/patients?



Q3: What, in your opinion, are the barriers to the universal adoption of virtual pharmacies for drug prescription and dispensing?

After discussing these key takeaways with our industry partners, a number of interesting follow up questions came up including:

We would love to here your thoughts on these key take aways as well as other questions you would have asked the experts involved in this Task Force.

Whats next?

HealthXL have since launched a number of Task Forces on behalf of our industry partners. HealthXL will also be sponsoring a Task Force every month to share expert knowledge with the community within areas in need of innovation. The first of these to be released is focused on the role technology can play to improve the outlook of the opioid crisis in the US. Experts from a number of key touch points throughout the healthcare system are contributing, all of whom are based in regions deeply effected by high levels of opioid addiction.

If you have suggestions for areas you believe would benefit from expert commentary please comment or get directly in touch at

What can a Task Force do for you?

Equip you with the perspective of key stakeholders to make more informed decisions about a problem area of strategic importance to your organization.

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