Global Gathering Boston

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
October 15 2021 - 10:00 AM EDT
WeWork Office Space & Coworking 1 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111, United States
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Precision Digital Therapeutics - the right DTx at the right time, for the right patient.

Places are extremely limited for both our Boston and Dublin events and are exclusively available to HealthXL members only. These events will not be streamed, recorded or shared - rather they are special member only events. Our events are collaborative in nature - there will be no keynote speakers, but rather a coming together of like-minded people to discuss & innovate the future of digital health.

Agenda for the Event

We will explore precision digital therapeutics over two 90-minute sessions (Morning and Afternoon) with a break in-between for a networking lunch. In order to facilitate collaboration and shared insights with your peers, our event will be roundtable based (8 per table) with each table being afforded the opportunity to present their findings.

Morning Session - Selecting the Right DTx for a Patient (11:00am - 12:30pm)

Patients with a given condition are heterogenous where some drugs work better for different patients over others. The same will hold true for DTx solutions within a given condition. Understanding what DTx will work in a particular group of patients and how to make those decisions efficiently will be critical for DTx success in a broader population. What do we need to do now to realise this?

  • What data is required to differentiate between DTx solutions in a given condition and how should evidence be generated?
  • How can we modulate DTx dosing to suit different patient cohorts
  • What should CDSS look like for DTx solutions

Afternoon Session - How should Pharma and DTx developers collaborate to create a DTx ecosystem for different therapy areas? (1:30pm - 3:00pm)

Choosing the best combination of drug and DTx for a given patient will by its nature require brand-agnostic DTx solutions and the ability for patients to either change drugs and retain their DTx or vice versa. While this will involve many more stakeholders than just pharma and DTx developers, we want to start the discussion with this group.

  • How should DTx developer and pharma partnerships change to allow for brand-agnostic companion DTx solutions?
  • Who will invest in the required infrastructure to realise a condition-wide DTx ecosystem? What is the role for Pharma and what return would they expect?
  • How do we build a coalition of key stakeholders to create a condition-wide DTx ecosystem?

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Apply to Attend

In good company

Shwen Gwee
Former VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb
Chris Wasden
Head of Pharma Speciality Solutions & Corporate Strategy, Twill
Eddie Martucci
Co-Founder and CEO at Akili Interactive Labs
Ryan Sysko
CEO at Amalgam Rx, Inc
Chris Cera
CEO, Arcweb Technologies
David Faria
Digital Innovation Head at Abbott EPD
Ethan Wergelis-Isaacson
Digital Health Strategy & Business Development , Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies
Jennifer Joe, MD
Principal, Vanguard.Health
Karl Hess
Managing Director, Outcome Capital
Richie Bavasso
Co-Founder, nQ Medical
Michael Pace
CEO & Founder at
Robert Garber
Partner, 7wireVentures
Peter Hames
Co-Founder & CEO of Big Health
Natalie Principe
Head of Innovation: Strategy & Digital Health Technologies at Organon
Smit Patel
Director of Digital Medicine at DiMe
Cyndi Williams
Founder & CEO, Quin
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