Medical Affairs Report

Pharma Medical Affairs: Digital Health’s Next Strategic Enabler

This report reevaluates the role of medical affairs in pharma and asks what may be holding them back from a greater role in digital health.The future success of medical affairs relies on this function becoming a strategic enabler of digital health activities in pharma. 

Interacting with HCPs and working closely with R&D and commercial means no other function within pharma is as ideally situated to push for a greater uptake of digital health and align key external stakeholders for adoption.

In this report, we look at:

  • How Digital Health Technologies Can Support Medical Affairs’ Core Mandate 
  • What’s Holding Medical Affairs Back from Taking a More Strategic Role in Digital Health?
  • How Medical Affairs Teams Can Optimise Data and Patient Support with Digital Health
  • Catering to Evolving Patient and HCP Needs with Digital Health Technologies 
  • Upskilling and Expanding Medical Affairs teams’ Core Digital Capabilities

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