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November 2, 2023

Tess’ Top Takes from this Month’s Meetings in Digital Health: October  2023

Tessy Huss

It's been another month of great events at HealthXL, with topics ranging from Enhancing Patient Experiences with Data-Driven Insights, to PDT 2.0: The Future of Prescription Digital Therapeutics. To make sure you don't miss the top insights from our community meetings, here are my top five takeaways from HealthXL meetings that took place in October: 

1. HealthXL Webinar: The New Frontier of High-Tech and High-Touch in Patient Support Programs

In this webinar, Tessy Huss, the Director of Community Strategy and Growth at HealthXL, hosted a discussion on high-tech and high-touch care in healthcare. Joined by Stacey Wasserman, Chief Business Officer for Medisafe, and Eugene Borukhovich, Co-founder and CEO of Your Coach, they explored the importance of health coaching and personalised care.

Health coaching, backed by scientific evidence and accredited training, helps individuals change behaviours and achieve better health outcomes. Health coaches understand patients' motivations and guide them towards their desired goals. The experts agreed that digital tools and human interaction together provide the best overall experience. 

Medisafe and Your Coach have partnered to address the limitations of a digital-first approach to medication adherence. They offer a personalised and holistic experience, including financial services, educational resources, and health coaching. 

Designing and implementing high-tech, high-touch programmes require considering patient preferences and demographics. Personalisation is key as patient needs vary. Collaboration with pharma customers enables more efficient care teams. The combination of human and digital support transforms healthcare, making it more efficient and providing patients with a better overall experience. Age is no longer the sole differentiator, as preferences vary among individuals. 

Read the key discussion points here.

2. Roundtable : Evaluating Health Economic Outcomes of DTx

In this roundtable discussion, Rick Bartels, Managing partner DTxCC, explores the evaluation of health economics outcomes of digital therapeutics (DTx). 

Understanding the patient journey is crucial for DTx companies to tailor their offerings and maximise effectiveness while contributing to cost efficiency. Conducting cost-effectiveness analysis through claims data helps quantify the economic impact and strengthen the value proposition to payers. 

However, DTx companies face unique challenges, including meeting higher evidence requirements and navigating the reimbursement landscape. Economic analysis plays a crucial role in commercialising by securing stakeholder buy-ins and demonstrating the economic value and return on investments. 

Balancing short-term results with the potential for prevention is a challenge, as DTx aim for long-term health benefits. Striking a balance between showcasing short-term outcomes and highlighting long-term prevention and improved health outcomes is essential for market adoption. Overall, understanding the intersection of digital therapeutics and economics is key for their successful integration into healthcare systems.

Dive deeper into this topic here.

3. Masterclass: Transforming Obesity Management: Digital Solutions vs. GLP-1 Blockbusters

In a recent masterclass hosted by Eugene Borukhovich, co-founder of YourCoachHealth, and anchored by Louise O’Mahony, Head of Customer Success at Exi, the discussion revolved around the phases, approaches, scalability, and accessibility of digital health solutions in GLP-1 medication and obesity management.

Taking it step by step is crucial when using GLP-1 medications and digital exercise prescriptions. Personalised plans and motivation help individuals stick to their prescriptions. Gradually introducing GLP-1 drugs alongside physical activity and lifestyle changes is effective. In addition, Regular check-ins ensure medication and activity prescriptions align for optimal results. 

Scalable and integrated solutions are essential to reach a wider population. Personalisation tailors interventions to individual needs. Obtaining necessary approvals and certifications ensures quality and safety. Wearable technology can support the monitoring of progress and adherence. 

Managing stress and anxiety is vital. Tracking patient health data points provides a comprehensive understanding of each individual's journey. Automation reinforces engagement, while human support aids those in need. Collaboration with healthcare providers and insurance companies drives improvement. 

Dive deeper into this topic here.

4. PDT 2.0: The Future of Prescription Digital Therapeutics

This masterclass was hosted by Chandana Fitzgerald, CEO of HealthXL, and anchored by David Klein, Founder and CEO of Click Therapeutics, discussed the viability and promise of PDT’s and what does go-to-market look like in 2024.

In order for DTx to be widely adopted, it is crucial to prioritise the establishment of strong clinical evidence. This means conducting rigorous studies, similar to those done for drugs, to prove that digital treatments can be effective. Regulatory bodies and payers are demanding this type of evidence, which is typically obtained through randomised controlled trials (RCTs). While real-world evidence (RWE) studies can show economic benefits, they are not enough on their own. 

The commercialisation models for DTx are still evolving. Pharma companies are likely to be key partners in distributing DTx, as they have established relationships with payers and providers. Recent regulatory guidance allows for the inclusion of “Software as a Medical Device” in drug labels, indicating that pharma’s role in DTx will likely grow in the future. 

However, the pathways to commercialisation are not well defined yet, so DTx companies should be flexible and willing to adapt their models if necessary. Alternative commercialisation channels, such as digital health platforms offering medication distribution, are also emerging. 

Dive deeper into this topic here.

5. Masterclass: Will Digital Twins Define the Next Era of Clinical Trials?

In this masterclass, Benedikt von Thüngen discussed the concept for digital twins and their potential in healthcare. Digital twins consist of a real-world component, such as a human organ, and a digital replica that uses real-world data to achieve specific outcomes. Unlike simulations, digital twins have the ability to impact the real-world component. They are being adopted in consumer wellness for treatment and early detection, as well as in drug discovery and surgical procedures. 

In early stages of drug development, digital twins are used to build theoretical models of biological systems and generate hypotheses for experiments. This accelerates the pre-clinical phase and improves understanding of the biological processes. However, challenges include high costs, modelling difficulties, and data biases. 

In clinical trial design, digital twins require a large pool of potential participants with data points to create a digital copy for patient cohort selection and experimental design. Challenges include human biases, data privacy, and the need for real-world data for accurate prediction. 

Dive deeper into this topic here.

These are just a few top takeaways from some of our discussions this month. Apply to attend an upcoming HealthXL Community event and get all the insights first hand. 

Join the HXL community, where  members can revisit, rewatch our webinars, read the key takeaways from virtual and in-person events and rewatch our webinars., and more. 

To round out our spotlight series on medical affairs in digital health, we’ve launched our latest HealthXL report: Pharma Medical Affairs: Digital Health’s Next Strategic Enabler.

See you in a HealthXL meeting soon! 

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We can provide an introduction on your behalf so that you can contact them directly with any questions/queries on this topic. Simply click on the link below to request an introduction.

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We can provide an introduction on your behalf so that you can contact them directly with any questions/queries on this topic. Simply click on the link below to request an introduction.

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